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The Pearson & Associates Real Estate Team has been awarded Realtypath's "Top Team 2019 - 2021"; with more than 350 homes sold, and over $160,000,000 in closed real estate sales since 2020.

Realtypath is Utah's second largest brokerage, and in the "Top 100 Real Estate Brokerages" in the Nation.

Our team is also Homelight's™ #1 ranked team in Utah.

We have created a marketing system that is so effective, it cannot be duplicated by an individual agent (or most teams).

Our team is comprised of full-time specialists, who focus on the fundamentals of our systems every day, to ensure our clients receive the results they expect.

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Richard French moved to Las Vegas in 2009 and married DeeAnn Phillips-French. An Army veteran and Indiana University alum, French grew up in Owensboro, KY which is also the hometown of Johnny Depp and the NASCAR champion... Read More
Phone: 702-529-1649702-529-1649
Choosing the right agent is no easy task, and it comes with a good reason. A home is considered one of the biggest investments of our life . As a licensed Realtor in Nevada, I adhere my "fiduciary duty." This means as... Read More
Phone: 702-348-4101702-348-4101
Being from Chicago, reading the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," shifted Mario’s view of money and sparked his interest in real estate. He realized that incredible opportunities were available to hard-working agents in the rea... Read More
Phone: 702-374-9100702-374-9100

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